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Plat Medicine

Experience the potency of locally grown and lovingly tended herbs

Plants + Medicine

Wood Betony flowers


Available in the spring, our seedlings are always organic and lovingly tended, so that they are resilient and ready for planting in your garden.

We offer a small variety of plants - please check our shop to see what's available.

Dried medicinal herbs in jars

Dried Herbs

Each plant is harvested at its peak potency, and carefully dried to maintain its active constituents.

Fresh Milky Oats, Avena sativa


Coming soon! Infused honeys and soothing salves are made from the herbs on our farm. Local ingredients are used as much as possible - the honey, beeswax, and sunflower oil all come from farmers in our area.


Deepen your relationship to plants and learn in community


Chamomile, Wood Betony, Thyme, Hyssop, and Marshmallow


We offer a variety of workshops throughout the season. Topics range from medicine preparation, botany, and growing and harvesting your own herbs.

We also create customized workshops and presentations - please contact us if you want us to host a specialized workshop for you.

Elderflowers on an Elder bush


For each plant we grow, we offer a zine; each zine has a bounty of information about that plant including energetics, ID, history of use, where it comes from, preparations, and ways it can be helpful.

Sage leaves
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