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Calendula: Dried Herb

Calendula: Dried Herb



  • Description

    Organic dried Calendula (Calendula officinalis) blossoms. Calendula, also called “Pot Marigold,” has traditionally been included in broths and teas to support the immune system more deeply during the winter. This bright flower is  also an excellent  skin healer, both inside and out; use Calendula internally to help with gut inflammation, and externally on minor burns, scrapes, eczema, and dry and chafed skin. Calendula is antimicrobial, and can also be helpful in fungal skin infections such as cradle cap. Use in teas, broths, and baths. Avoid use in pregnancy as Calendula is a mild uterine stimulant, and use caution if allergic to the Aster family. 

  • Weight

    30g , 60g, or 113g (1/4lb)