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Smoke Blend Duo

Smoke Blend Duo

  • Description

    For those who love or are curious about Redwing smoke blends Dreamboat and Kick Back - this bundle is for you! Try out these blends as a duo for a discount. 

  • Bundle Details

    Dreamboat: This smoke blend was created to help support the transition between the day and night, as we shift our minds and bodies towards rest. Mullein is the base of the blend, with an affinity for the lungs. Mugwort has long been used to evoke vivid and lucid dreams, and to help ease tension in the mind and body. Both Lavender and Skullcap are relaxing sedative herbs, helping the mind to unwind, thoughts to settle, and the body to rest. Together these herbs form a blend that helps create a dreamy and peaceful state.


    Kick Back: This blend was created to be a smooth and aromatic smoke to be enjoyed whenever the mood strikes. Mullein has a strong affinity for the lungs and provides the foundation for the blend. Raspberry leaf is astringent, helping to create a smoother smoke. Chamomile and Anise Hyssop are both aromatic, adding flavour and helping the mind and body to release tension and stress. Grind herbs before use as desired, and kick back.