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Zine: Growing a Medicinal Herb Garden

Zine: Growing a Medicinal Herb Garden

  • Description

    Learn how to grow medicinal herbs from seed to harvest! We've transformed our popular workshop into a zine format, to make it more accessible and easy to share! In this zine we introduce the basics of growing nine herbs with snapshots of their medicinal virtues, as well as important considerations when planning your garden, seed-starting, and basic harvesting and drying methods. Whether you have a yard or garden or are growing in pots, we want to help you plan a vibrant medicinal garden.

    We love growing medicines for you, but we also know that bringing plants into your spaces offers ways to deepen relationships with plants/plant medicines, support local ecology, and (of course) add vibrancy and beauty to your gardens. This zine is a great resource in your herb-growing journey!

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