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A collection of resources relating to herbalism, farming, accessibility, decolonization, anti-racism, and justice.

Herbal Books, Blogs, and Resources

Schools, Courses, and Projects by and for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour

  • Seed, Soil + Spirit School: “An online 6-month hands-on herbal course for QTBIPOC & allied people who love plants and healing justice” run by Shabina Lafleur-Ganji and Stephanie Morningstar.

  • The People's Medicine School with Rootwork Herbals: “Lovingly handcrafted community herbalism that is accessible and uncomplicated; utilizes common plants for health and wholeness; honors the earth, the plants and the people." Founded by Amanda David. Includes a school and BIPOC community garden .

  • Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine"teaching Native American energetic herb knowledge." 


Anti-Racism and Decolonization Work in Agriculture and Herbal Medicine

  • Sylvanaqua Farms: essays and articles on racism in agriculture, the pitfalls of the food system, and indigenizing agriculture.

  • Soul Fire Farm: “an Afro-Indigenous centered community farm committed to uprooting racism and seeding sovereignty in the food system. We raise and distribute life-giving food as a means to end food apartheid. ...Through our “Afro-Indigenous Farming” immersion and workshops we annually equip hundreds of adults and youth with the land-based skills needed to reclaim leadership as farmers and food justice organizers in their communities, to heal their relationship with earth, and to imagine bolder futures.”

  • Woke Without the Work (Rootwork Herbals): “an online workshop for Non-BIPOC Herbalists, who are seeking to move beyond optical support of our communities, towards active, tangible, and embodied practices of equity. An equity that is true, healthy and vibrant.”

  • We are the Sum of Our Ancestors: Decolonizing Herbalism (Toi Scott)

Herbal Resources for LGBT2SQIA+

Herbalism and Disability Justice

  • Well Deep Remedies: the herbal practice of Brunem Warshaw. Consultations and education, including a Youtube series on herbal first aid. Specializes in disability, chronic illness, mental health, trans care, sexual health, trauma survival, addiction recovery, and ancestral connection.

  • Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice (Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha): not a herbal resource, but "a mapping of access as radical love, a celebration of the work that sick and disabled queer/people of color are doing to find each other and to build power and community, and a tool kit for everyone who wants to build radically resilient, sustainable communities of liberation where no one is left behind."


Indigenous Food and Herbal Sovereignty Initiatives

  • Sovereign Seeds: an Indigenous Seed Sovereignty Network.

  • Indigenous Sustenance Reclamation Network: “The Indigenous Sustenance Reclamation Network (ISRN) is an Indigenous, Two-Spirit-led grassroots group dedicated to Indigenous sustenance sovereignty north of the medicine line (in what is colonially known as Canada).”

  • Kenhteke Seed Sanctuary: "Our mission is to cultivate a sacred space to grow, preserve, and protect heirloom and Indigenous seeds in accordance with Rotinonhsyon:ni cosmology, to ensure the availability of healthy, viable seeds for our collective future generations." 

  • Sierra Seeds, Seedsongs Blog"weaving stories of seeds, food, culture, and sacred Earth stewardship." 


Herbalism for Mental Health


BIPOC Farms and Land Funds


Herbalism and Social Justice

  • Solidarity Apothecary: Frontline herbalism for collective autonomy, self-defense & resilience to climate change, capitalism, and state violence. Author of The Prisoner’s Herbal, Overcoming Burnout, and The Medicinal Herb Colouring Book.

  • Herbalists Without Borders

  • Rosehip Medic Collective: "The Rosehip Medic Collective is a group of volunteer Street Medics and health care activists active in Portland, Oregon. We provide first aid and emergency care at protests, direct actions, and other sites of resistance and struggle. We also train other street medics and put on community wellness trainings."

  • People's Healing Fund"a multiracial, mixed-class collective of politicized healing practitioners and community members based in Tkaronto (Toronto) and Southern Ontario, territory governed by the Dish with One Spoon wampum."

*These lists are not exhaustive, and we will continue to adapt and add to them. Let us know if there are things we're missing!

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