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Curious about herbs?

We offer custom workshops, presentations, and plant walks! We strive to make learning exciting and accessible for all ages and types of learners. 

Examples of customizable workshops include:

Dried Chamomile, Yarrow, Thyme, and Bee Balm

Tea-Blending Party

Have fun with friends and learn about herbs as you make your own custom tea blend!

Anise Hyssop flowers

Growing Medicinal Herbs

Meet a variety of new and old herb friends, and learn about how to incorporate them into your garden and home apothecary.

Herbal medicine making supplies: herb infused oil and beeswax


Salves can be made for dry skin, bruises, sore muscles, and more. Learn about infusing oils with herbs and make your very own custom salve!

We've offered a variety of workshops in the past, including:

Oat plants with Milky Oats

Herbs for specific matters

Subjects like herbal skin care, and herbal medicine for mental/emotional support. Can be online or in-person.

Dried medicinal herbs in jars


Workshops can be geared towards making specific preparations, or can be an overview of making medicines such as tinctures, infused oils, vinegars, salves, and glycerites. Can be online or in-person.

Flowers of St. John's Wort

Local Plant Walks

Meet your plant neighbours and learn about their medicines, where they like to grow, and ID tips! In-person is best.

Have an idea or want us to host a presentation/party/workshop? Contact us and we can talk details!

No upcoming events at the moment
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